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Choquequirao Treks

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Choquequirao 9 Days / 8 Nights


DAY 1.-


Arriving at Cachora town after 4 hours in the morning where we will have our breakfast while we arrange the equipment on mules and horses. Already from the village of Cachora we can observe the majestic PADRAYOC snow covered peaks, the highest is 5482 m.a.s.l. The hike on this first day is 8 -10 hours. On the way we will observe PADRAYOC and WAYNA CACHORA snow covered peaks. We can appreciate the beautiful change of the landscape from precipices to snowy mountains. The walk starts quite flat with views to snow covered peaks and small farms on the step mountainsides. From the viewpoint of Capuliyoc, where we might see condors, we descent towards the Apurímac Canyon. As the vegetation is changing from Agape and Tuna cactus forest to dwarftree forest we have lunch break at Chiquisqa (1950 m.a.s.l.). From here we continue the descent to the abundant Apurímac River in 1550 m.a.s.l. in the impressive deep canyon of the same name. After a short brake at the river we start the steep climb towards Santa Rosa, where we camp for the night in a small sugarcane plantation at (2115 m.a.s.l.).


DAY 2.-


Early morning, (5.00 am) after breakfast, we continue our hike up to Choquequiraw. The first 2-3 hours are steep, but then it changes between walking flat and climbing the rest of the way with beautiful vegetation with several varieties of orchids. We will arrive to the archaeological place CHOQUEKIRAO. We have good time to enjoy this majestic place, where we will observe the three levels of the excavated ruin, where we can appreciate houses, terraces and other parts of this late Inka-town. Besides we can see the ruin in the progress of being excavated and finally areas get to be discovered – that can tell us about this last refuge of the oppressed inca empire. Approximately at 4 o’clock in the afternoon (depends of the weather) we can appreciate "the flight of the Condors".


DAY 3.-


After breakfast we have plenty of time to enjoy the majestic archaeological place, we will continue with our trekk gradually ascending, with all equipment going to our next camp by mule. We follow the old water canal for a while before we start the 3 hours walk to the Pinchinuyoc archaeological sites found in 1998. First we walk through cloud forest, but then all becomes steep open prairie with open views of the Mountains and valleys. Pinchinoyoc - We see that these archaeological sites are something very special. All of a sudden they appear in the cloud forest, almost invisible because of the thick layer of mosses and other vegetation that covers it .Our campsite (rio blanco)


DAY 4.-


This morning we walk through interesting vegetation know as Dry Andean Highland Forest. Trees and plants here look different to what we have seen before. We arrive at the river Victoria after a few hours and use the break here to get a refreshing bath in the cold and clear riverwater. We cross through the river, since there are no bridges. After our break we start the long and steep climb to our camp in Maizal, high above the river close to the sacred Apus of the Incas. On the way up we catch our breath in the shade of small trees and other vegetations. In Maizal we have our lunch and then we can relax this afternoon – with only optional physical activities. Maizal is probably the camp with the most beautiful location of them all. From here we see 3 valleys and a great snowpeak right across from us.


DAY 5.-


We leave our camp in Maizal and walk towards the San Juan pass. Again a long climb, but we walk in a amazingly beautiful area – first with cloud forest and then over Andean Puna with the well known ichu grass. We rest at some of the Victoria mines, where metalic shining stones tell about a high concentration of minerals and metals. On our way through the Puna we walk on very well-preserved Inca trails, among other characteristics with the classic zigzag. We take lunch at the pass at 4000 m.a.s.l. with view of the mountain Choquetakarpo, before we start the descent towards Yanama, a small isolated settlement at the bottom of a long valley surrounded by mountains.


DAY 6.-


We continue from Yanama up through the valley towards the highest point of the tour, The Yanama Pass in 4500 m.a.s.l. On the way we have a good view of the snow capped Sacsarayoc. Once again we have the chance to see condors, and this mornings smooth climb bring us through new landscapes – especially the wet grass fields under the snowline that distinguish from everything else seen on the tour. In the pass we might walk in snow, and the descent is a long hike through grassy fields- and bush areas and crossing small wood/dirt bridges on the way towards the community of Totora, where we spend the night.


DAY 7.-


We now walk the about 2000 meters down through changing vegetation to warmer camp in the village of La Playa. This is approx. 7 hours walking. On the way we see small waterfalls and get a refreshing natural bath. The area also has a big variation of bird life and it is now obvious that the climate and vegetation have changed totally, and now we see plants recognizable from the living rooms of Europe and several types of orchids. The Playa is the biggest village on the way, where we can find some small shops to buy snack etc. In this area we can see small plantations of coffee and bananas.


DAY 8.-


Today we walk Playa to the hydroelectric station at the Urubamba River. This morning we walk up 3 hours approximately until the Llactapata archaeological sites that is situated behind Machupicchu citadel and from here we will see all of Machupicchu and part of the Inca trail then we will down to the Valley until we reach the Hidrolectric station. Here we will wait for the train or continue walking to Aguas Calientes. We relax in the afternoon. We spend the night in a comfortable hostel.


DAY 9.-


From Aguas Calientes we will take bus to Machu Picchu. We will have about 2-3 hours guided tour, that will bring us to the most important locations at the archaeological site and the guide will tell us about the great importance Machu Picchu enjoyed as astronomical and religious center. The rest of the day we spend at this amazing ruin and you will have the chance to climp Wayna Picchu or visit the beautiful moon temple. We meet in the afternoon in Aguas Calientes where we take the train back to Cusco .



·        Original Passport.

·        Transfer from your hotel, trail head, hotel.

·        Personal tents: 2 people in each 4-people-capacity tent.

·        Dinning tent with tables and chairs

·        Kitchen tent

·        Toilet tent

·        English speaking professional guide (2 guides for groups over

         8 people)

·        Cook and cooking equipment

·        Porters (to carry tents, food and cooking equipment).

·        Accommodation for our guides, cook and porters.

·        Meals (04B, 04L, 04D + wake – up tea)

·        First-aid kit including emergency oxygen bottle.

·        Train ticket from Aguas Calientes to Cusco (economic

         tourism class).


Not included:

·        Sleeping bag.

·        Lunch on the last day: after the guided tour at Machupicchu

         and choose to have lunch either in Machupicchu or in Aguas


·        Tips.



·        A backpack with a change of clothes for the whole period of 

         the trek

·        Rain gear (jacket and pants if available) or rain poncho.

·        Strong footwear, waterproof trekking boots recommended

·        Warm clothes, including jacket, fleeces. Thermal clothing is

         also recommended, especially for sleeping.

·        Sleeping bag (it can be hired at our agency)

·        Flashlight and batteries

·        Camera, films and batteries (batteries consume more quickly

         under cold conditions)

·        Hat or cap to protect you from the sun, rain and cold

·        Sun block cream, mosquitoes repellent.

·        Toilet paper

·        Snacks: biscuits, energy bars, chocolate, raw fruits, muesli,


·        Non-disposable canteen (Nalgene type) and water for the

         first morning. 

·        Small towel.

·        Swimming suit (if you intend to go to the hot springs in

         Aguas Calientes)

·        Cash in soles and/or US$

·        Original passport

·        Optional: walking sticks or poles (rubber covers required in

         order not to damage the Trail)



In order to deal with your reservation in a timely manner we require a deposit of 50% of the cost of the chosen program at the time of booking. [booking conditions]


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